Thank you!

The last show on Friday was incredible and we just wanted to say thanks for making it such a special night. It was great to see so many faces pop up from all of our past residencies at Life 983, Pianos, Le Poisson Rouge, Cargo, Hamachi, Brooklyn Bowl, Fontanas, Cameo and of course Union Hall. Stay tuned for photos, we’ll post them here as they come in.

We’ve seen such an overwhelming amount of love and appreciation come our way leading up to the final show. Long time KKtC homie Giraud Lorber was interviewed by the Brooklyn Paper for an article they wrote last week about the finale. He sent me the summary of Karaoke Killed the Cat that he submitted for the interview that nearly brought me to tears. I wanted to share it with you. 


I first started going to KKTC back in 2006 when it was at Pianos on Monday nights. Up until that point, karaoke had always been an embarrassing mixture of dockers-wearing happy hour co-workers uncomfortably warbling “Endless Love” at one another and insufferable girls who can’t wait to put their musical theater experience from college to good use by adding some vibrato to their usually-flawless rendition of their favorite Little Mermaid tune. But Karaoke Killed the Cat wasn’t like that, it wasn’t like anything I had seen before. 

It was dirty. It was ugly. It was unapologetic. It was karaoke that didn’t believe in guilty pleasures because pleasure should never make you feel guilty. It didn’t matter if you could sing or if you knew all the words, the only thing that mattered was that you left it all on the stage. It was a hedonistic shit show, who’s magic seemed to lie in the fact that on any given night almost anything could happen. The kiddie pool that nearly flooded the upstairs lounge. The talcum powder snow angels. The crowd surfing and the public nudity. Costume theme nights. Everything happened there. And even after it moved on from Pianos, the manic energy followed it to every weird venue it would later call home. 

I don’t remember all the celebrities that ended up on the Karaoke stage (guys from Jet, the National, and a drunk Michael Cera come to mind) but I will never forget the people that became karaoke celebrities when they got up to the mic. Kevin Jesus. Biclops. Big Mike— the 400 lb middle-aged man who would strip down to a thong while bellowing Rolling Stones. People met and got married there. Some of my best friendships began getting hugged by a stranger saying “I haven’t heard that song in 15 years— I love that you sang it!” 

And so now it’s all drawing to a close. Even though the crowd has stayed the same age, Chris and Joel have not. And while I firmly believe (and sort of wish) they have another decade of amazing parties in them, I suspect it’s getting harder and harder to justify to their wives coming home at 5am covered in feathers and glitter. So it’s just as well they’re going out on top. They’ve got nothing left to prove, having already done it all. 

Next week’s final show is Bootyoke, the short shorts party. So rather than mourn the passing of a strange and beautiful scene, we’re invited to get weird one last time. Because this is Karaoke Killed the Cat— it’s fitting that we end it not with a whimper, but with a bang.


There’s not much else I can add to that. Thank you guys very much, it’s been a blast. 

Chris Goldteeth & Lord Easy

The Final Countdown

A bittersweet announcement from the Karaoke Killed the Cat boys.

After an incredible run of almost 12 years, this Friday June 6th will be the last Karaoke Killed the Cat party. When we started murmuring about ending the show, the first question we got from you guys was WHYYYY? The answer is simple. As much as we love this party, it’s just time to put these mics down and start a new era of awesome. We’ll continue to do special events together and Lord Easy is developing a new party called Baby Spaceship that will carry on the Karaoke Killed the Cat tradition of getting buckwild on the dancefloor. Stay tuned for more details about Baby Spaceship, it will not disappoint.

We hope that you’ll be able to join us at Union Hall on Friday at 11pm to give Karaoke Killed the Cat the send off it deserves. It will be the Bootyoke to end all Bootyokes, so don the most embarrassingly short shorts you can find and bring that ass to Brooklyn. We usually save Bootyoke for the end of summer, but this feels like the right way to kick off summer this year. It’s sure to be a mad house, so get there early and bring a good attitude. You’ll also be meeting the new hosts of Union Hall’s Friday karaoke night!

A big thank you to all of you for helping us build this show into the amazingly ridiculous thing it is today. It’s always been as much your show as it is ours, and it’s something we should all be proud of.

A million more thank yous,
Chris Goldteeth & Lord Easy